Operation Theatre

Our state of art Operation Theatre has got following equipments for our patients :

1. Hydraulic operation table for all function for laparoscopic surgery in Gynaecology, as well as c arm compatibility.

2. Paul breathing high end anesthesia machine for prolong laparoscopic surgery.

3. Multipara monitor with all five function monitoring. ECG, Pulse, Oxygen saturation, Temperature, Blood Pressure.

4. Stryker 1588 AIM platform. All laparoscopic surgery hand instruments and IRIS camera co2 insufflators, Bipolar quattery.

5. Central oxygen systems for 24 hours oxygen supply.

6. Defibrillator for cardiac emergency.

7. Recovery room for post operated patient monitoring.


All experienced team of doctors that is man behind machines are experienced and done more than 200 surgeries. Makes our OT geared up to handle any emergency.