Fenix Gastro Hospital is proud to be the only Hospital on the Trichy equipped with the latest Endoscopy equipment by top brand Olympus. Gastroenterology procedures can be performed in full, due to a complete line of accessories that come with these sophisticated instruments.


Areas that can be investigated in our endoscopy unit include; the esophagus, stomach, intestines, bronchus and lungs, cervix, the urinary bladder and the cholangiopancreato duct system. We are equipped with the full range of endoscopes and accessories available, so no limitations exist for any endoscopic procedures. Our list of equipment includes a Paediatric Gastroscope and Colonoscope for our young patients.


Both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed in the unit, and we have also been pioneers in performing first-time procedures in Malta: that of expandable esophageal stenting, colonic tattooing and Capsule Endoscopy.


The importance of these scopes may be described as follows:

a) Through these sophisticated instruments, the consultant is capable of actually obtaining a high-definition visual interpretation of the intrinsic part of the human organ being tested.

b) The endoscopist may also take biopsies (tissue samples), remove minor growths, inject interstitial treatment, implant stents, and cauterise bleeding tissues among other procedures and interventions.